If you are on the verge of losing your tooth due to severe decay or damage, such that a filling or crown alone would be insufficient to repair the tooth, then you should consult with our endodontist for possible solutions to save the diseased tooth.

Endodontists are specialists in repairing and saving natural teeth to help maintain your natural smile. With their advanced training, superior technologies, and specialized techniques, endodontists have the skills and tools to perform procedures affecting the interior of your tooth, such as root canal treatment.

Procedures performed by an Endodontist

Many patients don’t realize that endodontic treatment can save their tooth, until their general dentists refers them to a specialist to assist with the case. Some of the procedures performed by an endodontist include:

Root canal therapy:
Following the diagnosis for dental and oral pain, your endodontist may recommend root canal treatment to eliminate infection of the tooth pulp (blood vessels and nerves) that often causes excruciating pain. This procedure involves the removal of the pulp tissue while the tooth root remains intact. The space is cleaned and disinfected. Filling material is then added to the canal and the tooth covered with a crown to strengthen the tooth and allow it to function normally.

Endodontic retreatment:
Ideally, root canal treatment should last a lifetime. But if the tooth heals improperly, causing it to become diseased or painful months or years after the original treatment, then your endodontist may recommend retreatment to save the tooth. Retreatment requires the removal of the original filling material and thorough cleaning of the pulp canals to remove all infection. If the tooth is strong enough, root canal therapy can be repeated to save your natural tooth.

Endodontic surgery:
Endodontic treatment is usually a straightforward process. But if the treated tooth develops problems due to small fractures, hidden canals, or calcium deposits in the root canal that were previously undetected on X-rays during the original treatment, then surgery may be necessary to remove calcium deposits and/or treat damaged root structure or surrounding bone tissue.

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